This site is dedicated to the passion behind the Ferrari name, commemorating the legacy started by Enzo Ferrari and the people, like myself, who collect these model cars to remind us of the rich, fascinating and exciting history of the Ferrari sports car and motor racing marque.

Like most hobbies, it can become a labour of love and totally engulf one's life to a point where it becomes an obsession; and once in a while this obsession leads to something significant and special.  When I started my collection in 1990, my aim was to have every Ferrari type ever designed, including all non-Ferrari vehicles powered by a Ferrari engine or carrying their famous badge.  I have now reached a stage where there are very few Ferrari types that I still require to complete my collection and have decided to share my passion with the world through this site.

The aim of Scuderia43 is not to boast about my collection or how much it’s worth, but to inspire and share this passion with young and old worldwide.  My wish is that this site will help to inform others and become a great source of reference for all collectors seeking 1/43 scale Ferrari models.

The site includes a comprehensive cross-referencing data base, a forum for those wanting to share ideas or comments and for trading if one should so desire.

So enter the 1/43 scale Ferrari world and enjoy the ride!

- Fabio Josi